Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I get an RMA?

Fax all requests to (203)775-0797. Reference the P.O. Number, the unit(s) being returned and the reason(s) for the return. Please note that custom-made equipments are non-returnable. If a custom-made unit is defective, it may be returned for re-work.


Q: What is Astralite's restocking fee for material returned in good working condition?

50% restocking fee for non-custom made fixtures within 30 days of shipment.

The credit issued for returned material will be in the form of a credit that can be used toward future purchases. No checks.

There is no returns for custom-made fixtures.


Q: What is the minimum purchase?

Minimum order is $100 plus freight.


Q: What are the freight terms?

Free shipping on single shipment orders that exceed $1500 to one destination in the continental USA.

Customers may provide their own freight account on orders that do not qualify for free shipping. Astralite will not prepay any overnight, 2nd-day, 3rd-day, or special shipments.


Q: I need replacement parts, where may I find them?

Replacement batteries and other parts may be available through a local distributor. You can also contact our Parts team to get more information about the part you are looking to replace.


Q: What is an Astralite 2000 Universal?

This is the SU series retrofit kit.


Q: What is an Astralite 2000 ALS?

This is the ALS series retrofit kit.


Q: Do you give cash refunds for returned material?

All returns are for credit. No cash refunds will be given.


Q: Is Astralite Energy Star listed?

All of Astralite's exit signs are Energy Star listed.


Q: Can I order direct?

Please contact Astralite to get the name and telephone number for the sales representive in your area. In the event that a sales representative is absent in your location, you may order directly from Astralite.


Q: How do I get set up as a customer with Astralite?

You will need three credit references: one from the bank of your choice and two others. Please be sure to include a contact name and a fax number for all references.

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